Having a really bad day

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As most of you know had quite a busy and stressful day at the hospital with my daughter yesterday
I think today is fall out day all my joints are sore stiff and achey and feel so emotional the tears are flowing must be careful of the puddle I'm making :!:
My foot I had operated on two weeks ago is so painful, tight and swollen
Fatigue has set in so its set off my chronic pain
So not in a good place at min
I'm trying to rest with my foot up but can't get comfortable :x
I've just worn myself out and need to recharge my batteries
My daughter is doing better than I am she's working for Uni today as its open days for Leeds uni this week and she's getting paid too so she is happy
Im just the misery guts today
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day
Thank you all for reading my post


  • Megrose489
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    So sorry to hear that today is not a good one. I, too, find that stress can result in a few days of feeling unwell. I hope that you're soon feeling better and your batteries are fully charged again.

    All the best, Meg
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    Hi Maria

    Sorry you are having a bad day today .When i had my foot op i used to lay in bed with it raised .Take to meds and try to watch a nice film .Have you tried putting ice on the foot that may help .

    I had to wear a great big boot on my foot , only to wake up one morning to find the cat licking my toes :o:lol: and the next day trying to play with them :lol: .
    Try to take it easy today , and have plenty of rest .

    karen xxx(((())))
  • gilly1957
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    Hi Maria
    Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow and that you are getting plenty of rest today.
    It does seem to make everything more painful when you have a busy and stressful day.....

    Hope you have a restful weekend :)
  • dreamdaisy
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    it's no wonder you are feeling so rough - payback is a pain in the ooo lah lah (I've borrowed that from a friend :wink: I hope she won't mind!) so you know what to do now: rest, rest and when you've done that rest some more. Things will get better in time. DD
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    I hope things are feeling easier for you now. If they are, don't go doing too much. :wink:
    Take it easy and take care of you.
  • Turbogran
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    Sorry to hear your not feeling so good Maria but as DD says Payback is a real pain in more ways than one. and DD I love the ooo Lah Lah bit just take it easy for a couple of days and have some you time. :lol: hope you feel better soon. :)
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    Och Maria, no wonder you have flared up and feeling the way you are, at least your daughter is fine for the mo but you need to concentrate on your self now.
    DD said it is a pain in the ooo lah lah :wink: she is being polite personally I think it is a pain in the a**e but we shall beg to differ :lol: you take care, put your feet up and think of you for a change.............Marie xx
  • frogmorton
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    You are not a misery guts by any means!!! Blimey you were 'on your feet' all day yesterday and you were worrying the day before too :roll:

    You only had surgery yourself a matter of weeks ago. So rest up and recover she id well - so did YOU!

    Love and ((()))

    toni xxx
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    I'm sorry I've only just found this, Maria. I don't suppose things have got any better yet. Of course it's only natural after the physical and emotional upheaval of yesterday but that doesn't make it any less painful. I wish you a decent night's sleep and a better day tomorrow.
  • maria09
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    Thank you all for your support and care
    I'm heading to bed and going to have another restful day tomorrow
    The swelling has gone down to my foot it's still there but a lot better
    All my joints feel like I've been knocked over by a bull ouch
    Hopefully I will improve daily
    I've also got a rheumy appointment on thurs for a steroid injection and hopefully restart methotrexate
    Thank you once again a great bunch of people I've ever known