How is this for friendship

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As many of you know I have had surgery to my left foot so at present I'm unable to drive
One of my friends who I worked with for many years and have become closer as we both experienced years of hell from our evil witch ward manager, long story
Well she lives not too far from the hospital we worked at I live 25 miles from the hospital
She is making a 100 mile round trip to take me to my rheumy appointment as I have no one to take me as hubby has had to take quite a bit of time off for hospital appointments for me and my daughter already
Now that's what I call a good friend bless her
I know she won't accept money for petrol so I've got her her favourite coffee and will take her to lunch to say thank you
Just wanted to share this with you all


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    Hi Maria, friends like that are like gold dust, they don't come along very often! You are very lucky to have her, hold on to her, and show her how much you appreciate her. :D
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    Thanks Numpty
    She is think because we both had such a tough time at work it brought us closer and from then on we have always watched each others back
    She has had a lot of health issues and I've always tried to be there for her and she for me
    Long may it continue
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    Good friendships are very precious. Enjoy the time you spend together.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Maria....she must be a lovely friend.

    Hope you enjoy your lunch together :)
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    Now that, Maria, is a good friend :D

    Must mean you are a good friend to her too.

    Lunch sounds a perfect and appropriate reward :D

    love and ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    You are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. It's not often you find ones who are prepared to do what you're friend is doing for you. But, in turn, it shows what a special person you are as well.
    Karen xx