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Dragged myself out of bed this evening to watch the final of The Voice and I'm so glad I made the effort. Andrea Begley from Northern Ireland won. I said right from the very start that she would win. Her voice is so pure and the bonus is she seems such a lovely girl. Her coach Danny compared her to Eva Cassidy. One time when she sang she reduced Sir Tom Jones to tears it was so beautiful.

I'm so glad that the public saw past the hype of the other girl Leah whose 'unusual' voice (or as Tom called it - freaky!) seemed to get so much praise.

I'm not one for reality TV shows but this one I love- what am I going to watch on a Satrday evening now!

Love Kate x


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    Hi Kate,

    I agree with you that Andrea Begley was the best singer. She had perfect pitch and a beautiful voice. She was also very natural and seemed to be a very genuine and likeable young woman. The other singer, Leah, could reach some very high notes, but her singing wasn't to my taste. It seems that the public saw through all the hype by Will-i-am. He puts me off watching the programme as I think his main talent is in self-publicity.

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    Glad you loved it Kate

    (and lovely to see YOU!)

    Being a mildly wicked person I only like the audition part of talent shows :oops:

    Sounds like the right person won though


    Toni xx
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    I have to agree with Unsure on this one. She can sing in tune, (which ought to be the minimum requirement :? ) but, all of her performances were mediocre, monotonous and lacklustre, in my opinion.
    I thought Matt Henry gave the best, most entertaining performance, and has a good voice too.
    But what do I know? I like Will I Am :lol:
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    Like Toni I love the auditions..then it seems to go downhill...saying that I agree that Andrea had a lovely pure voice and they can build on that...
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    I wanted Matt to win, he could 'sanng' As Wil-I-am would say. So I was disappointed when he was 1st kicked off the final, and looking at the judges they where disappointed as well. I'm glad Angela won as she does have a lovely voice, I disagree with unsure, when she sang for the audition she didn't have a big band behind her and she sounded beautiful. I'm glad Leah didn't win as she does have a 'freaky' voice and it wasn't my cup of tea.
    I prefer The Voice to The X Factor now, that's past it's sell by date now!!