What would you do?

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With a chain email. I think they're evil little monsters and never, ever pass them on whether they promise untold riches or threaten instant annihilation. My friends now know this so don't send me them.

Problem. A friend (L), who knows I don't 'do' them has sent me one along with an apology that it's from her slightly mad American friiend. It's mild as these things go. I'm supposed to read and digest the airy fairy message of inner peace written on it, send the email immdiately to 8 female friends, including back to the one who sent it to me, ie L, then watch what happens on the 4th day. (Beggur all, I know, I know :wink: )

In normal circumstances I'd simply have emailed L back, reminded her gently that I don't send these things on and told her a bit of family news. But, there's a complication. A week ago, L's only sister died suddenly aged 61. I'm guessing that, although she's bearing up well, she's feeling too fragile to break the chain.

What would you do?


  • Numptydumpty
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    I'd delete then ignore the e-mail, that way you, not L are breaking the chain.
    If L chooses to send it to someone else, that's up to her.
    L knows you don't "do" them, so in spite of what she's going through, should understand why you're ignoring it.
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    I agree with Numpty
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    I agree, too. Instead of returning the chain email, perhaps you could just send a chatty, supportive email with your news and not mention the chain email at all. Much better that she simply knows you're thinking about her. If she's included an apology for sending it, then she is well aware of your feelings and shouldn't feel upset about you not passing it on.
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    ooh this is an hard one...like the others I would not send the email back, and tell her that you will be there for her , but dont really like these emails..I am sure she will understand...and in time realise that friends are what she needed at a time like this... now I am rambling ..sorry xx
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    These things are riduclous nonsense, and your friend is obviously under some strain at the moment. Delete it and make no mention of it the next time you are in contact with her. Given her circumstances she may well have forgotten that she passed it on to you and reminding her may cause further upset. DD
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    I have a couple of friends who send these things, I just delete them no different from all the other junk mail I get, never mention them as to be honest I can't be bothered what's the point in upsetting them, obv they like them but don't see the point creating a tricky moment because of them. The odd ones are about returning messages from so many people will bring u this that or the other piece of info/luck/total load if rubbish I never return them so guess they'll get the message I don't do them by my lack of participation!
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    Sticky, I just want to add, it's not you in the wrong/letting L down, it's her slightly mad American friend. :wink:
  • mig
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    Delete it then forget about it. Mig
  • dachshund
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    Hello Sticky
    yes I would delete it you might get another if you passed it on.
    take care.
    joan xx
  • stickywicket
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    Thank you everyone for your input. I have read, and thought hard about this.

    I couldn't just delete it as I would any other chain email. That would appear to ignore her current distress and the years of friendship. In the end I pressed the return button, reminded her that I didn't/wouldn't send such things on to others and then wrote a few brief sentences about other matters, some happy and some sad, including her sister's death, hoping I'd struck the right balance between honesty, sincerity and jokiness because, even in dire straits - maybe especially in dire straits - we've always managed a laugh or two.

    I might not have taken the course you advocated but the input helped me to decide so thanks again.
  • fowls48
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    Hi Sticky

    Yes delete it and treat it as spam .

    Fowls xx
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    hi all
    yes i think you made the right decision
    stickywicket (return to sender)
    mike26 :roll:
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    I'd send it back to her only.

    She wont know you didn't send it to anyone else. Tis the kindest thing to do.


    Toni xxx