Feeling rather odd!

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Hi I just can't put my finger on it but I do feel rather odd well more odd than normal should I say
I feel light headed, nauseated,headache also get really hot and not really on this planet felt like this yesterday too
I can't blame my methotrexate as I have not had any for four weeks
I've not started on any new meds and none of my other have any of theses side effects
Maybe it's because I hit 50 in May
I'm rather befuddled


  • barbara12
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    Hi Maria
    Im sorry you are feeling strange, the worse things is not knowing what causing it..and it can be worrying..if it goes any worse you get an appointment to see your GP...
    I became befuddles when |I reached 40..I am now 63...and going worse by the min :o hope you feel better soon x
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    How's things now, Maria? Any better?
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    have you checked your temperature incase you are coming down with something??

    Hope you feel more yourself very soon.


    Toni xxx
  • maria09
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    I feel ok today just a blip me thinks
    Thank you guys