Destined not to rest

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Hi all
Got a frantic call from my dad last night saying ambulance was on the way to take mum to hospital!
So mad rush to get down to theirs got there just in time to find out which A&E dept mum was going to packed dad off in ambulance with her
Dashed around the house sorting medicines out switching oven off and getting bag ready with mums night things
By the time I'd done that my foot was so painful as only 2weeks from surgery
Spent the next 4 hours in A&E with mum, dad and hubby (I'm not allowed to drive) poor mum did really well considering stuck on a trolley for those 4 hours having bloods taken, IV inserted and fluids given and a chest X-ray
Finally got settled onto ward at 1am
All the doctors and nurses were lovely and kept us up to date constantly
We think it might be a UTI as mum does get confused and lethargic when she gets them so hoping that's all it is! The paramedics were concerned that it might be an extension to the stroke she had two years ago. Luckily the doctors don't.
Left her sleeping half an hour after she settled onto the ward bless her she was zonked
Wasn't till I got home did I notice how swollen my foot was and how sore my wound was
I'm not destined to rest after spending most of Thursday in hospital with my Daughter whilst she had a procedure performed
I'm only hoping I've not done any detrimental damage to my surgery
Dear me what a week!
On a good note my mum had a good night and hopefully if all tests are clear she hopefully can come home so fingers crossed
Thank you for plodding through this


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    Well it never rains but it pours!
    I'm pleased your mum had a good night, and hope she continues to improve.
    Try to rest now, and take care of that foot. :wink:
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    You are right Numpty
    Just feel like crying keep thinking what next!
    Well I've got Rheumy appointment thursday,daughter has Gastroenterology appointment on Friday just hope we don't get any more bad news as I don't think I can take much more!
    On a positive note my mum can come home got my dad checking an ambulance has been booked otherwise she won't get home tonight! Just feels like I'm back at work checking up on up on my colleagues!
    As the saying goes you can take the nurse out of nursing but not the nursing out of nurse
    I think that's right but I'm just befuddled at the moment :roll:
    My wounds not looking too good only hope my Rheumy thinks its healing enough to give me a steroid injection fingers crossed
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    Hi, I hope you got on OK but, more to the point with this thread, how's your mum doing? Is she home? DD
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    Hi DD
    Yes mums home still sleeping a lot but not as confused
    The district nurse came today and amazingly it was our old neighbour all grown up
    Her and her sister used to go round to my mums (only a fence jump away) to play with my two when my mum looked after them
    Mum was really happy to see her
    I am now feeling decidedly old!
    On a serious note every time I get that call from my dad I always think here we go again! How much more can my mum take but she's a little fighter and comes back to us a little but more fragile each time but she comes back which is all I can ask for
    My dad bless him always looks so scared when she's in hospital I think it's coz he knows they can't look after her like he does so he's always on edge until she comes home through the front door
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    Maria...I know some of what you are going through but when I had to see to my parents I was fit and well, so I do take my hat off to you always amazes me what you can do in emergency...I do hope you can get to rest that foot.....has for your mum bet she was pleased to know the district nurse it must make her feel more easier...I do wish her and all you well and will be thinking about you xx
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    Thank you Barbara
    Yes my mum thought it was lovely especially as she looked after the district nurse at times when she lived next door and now the tables have turned and she's now looking after my mum
    Today is another hospital appointment this time for my daughter hopefully after this one there's a break till my orthopaedic one in middle of July
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    Thinking of you and sending hugs (((()))) Mig
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    Hello Maria
    I wish your mum a speedy recovery. take care all of you.
    how is your foot now
    joan xx
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    Foots improving swellings up at min as just got back from my daughters hospital appointment which went well
    So foot up and resting
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    So sorry to hear about your Mum, but relieved she is home and ok.

    Hope your daughter got on ok???

    You have such a lot of worries ATM :?


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Toni
    Daughters doing ok her appointment went well the doctor bless him was lovely
    First thing he said was when I saw you last I put you in hospital I said yes but we had forgiven him just
    He was pleased with how she's responding to her Azothiaprine and her colonoscopy shows she's healing we'll but she does have extensive colitis which we thought it might be wished it wasn't
    The good thing he told her she's doesn't have to another colonoscopy till 2023 thank goodness
    He answered every single question we had and between us there were quite a lot and his explanations were easy to understand
    A very kind man
    As for resting well today we have to go pack her things up from her flat as on Monday she's moving into her house so no rest again!
    She gets her first year results on Monday too so she's a bit anxious as she was really poorly for a month before and after coming out of hospital had only 2 weeks to send in her lab report and study for these exams and for her she wants a first nothing else will be good enough! Dear me it took me 3 years to get 8 o'levels!