Oh Dear Meatloaf you really can't sing anymore

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Well started watching Meatloaf's 35 year anniversary concert last night.
I was totally disappointed he never had a great voice but there was just something about his songs now that's gone he mumbled and sang or shouted totally out of key :(
Couldn't believe my ears! Hubby was gob smacked although he never liked him as much as I did
So I'm now sat in the conservatory listening to all my Meatloaf CDs reminiscing about the good old days before Arthur came to stay
Wishing I had gone to see him in the 80s when he played Harrogate when I had the chance
I miss my concert days stood as close to the front singing my heart out, tour t shirts, tight jeans and my biker jacket and of course permed hair :roll: and of course lusting after David Coverdale lead singer with Whitesnake oh happy days :D
Old rocker at heart


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    Oh Maria

    My Mother used to think he was called Beefcake :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    Hey Fowls that's more apt description of him now! :lol::lol:
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    Eeeh Maria

    The love of my life had a lovely whitesnake painting on the back of his denim jacket :roll:

    You've taken me right back :D
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    I was a never really a meatloaf fan but liked some of his stuff because my my mom's ex liked rock music!

    As for not going to concerts, I still go to a lot of concerts from the LG Arena (was NEC) to Wembley as the disabled sections these days are great! And your carer goes free!! The LG Arena disabled section is great because it's the same height as the stage and you get a great view. I still have concert t-shirts and programmes.

    My fav bit of concert memorabilia is my Bono autographed top from when I met him. He wrote on it 'got to get Bono off my chest' I still swoon thinking about it!!
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    Hello Maria
    Sue likes meatloaf. I like westlife I've been to a concert I could not get a seat at the front my friend from the westlife forum let me stay over night at her house in wales as I live in Wiltshire another friend did the car journeys.
    joan xx
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    I like the fact that you ladies are getting out there and strutting your stuff. I've been to three concerts (pop-wise) but only one of them was a biggie, Anita Baker at Wembley. The other two were Joan Armatrading and Seal - both at the Ipswich Regent. Both were utterly fabulous. DD
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    One of last concerts i went too was at Hammersmith Palais .

    I went to see the Alarm a welsh group they were fantastic.

    A few months later i went to wembley to see U2 and in the middle of the crowd was the lead singer from the Alarm.Its a shame they only made one Album :(
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    My last concert was over a year ago to see my all time favourite group
    Magnum, no not the ice cream or the PI
    My hubby and daughter were with me and we even got to meet the lead singer outside before the concert and get a picture with him
    We did get right to the front and had a fantastic time but oh boy did I suffer after that and spent two days in bed but worth every minute
    Good good memories to last a life time
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    Jethro Tull, I've seen them twice, the last time a couple of years ago. Ian Anderson still plays his flute standing on one leg! 8)
    The Eagles were excellent! and Jools Holland and His Rhythm and Blues Band Band were superb with Ruby Turner.
    I like Meatloaf :D but haven't heard him recently. I was always a big Stones fan, but I think they should have "retired " a while ago. :?
    I went to a brilliant Dr Hook concert, where Dennis Locorriere did an acoustic set, what a voice!!
    The Beautiful South were great, and I love Elio Pace, but had to leave the last concert I went to as there wasn't enough leg room :(