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Hi everyone,

I am a 52 year old female and since the start of the year I have been experiencing pain, swelling and stiffness, to varying degrees, mainly in my fingers, the inside of my knees and ankles. I also have pain in my jaw (is this normal?) I have also had pains in wrists, arms and hips. Particularly at night and in the morning, the pain seems to ease off, although not disappear, as the day goes on.

Finally decided to stop trying to ignore it and went to the Dr, who sent me for blood tests and x-ray. Blood test show increase in rheumatoid factor and x-rays show some wear to the big toe joint (and a bunion, least of my worries!) He has referred me to the rheumatologist. I am currently taking Naproxen and Co-Drydamol, but neither seem to have had much effect. (mind you, I've only been taking them for three days).

I could really do with advice on whether I need to do anything more to help with the pain and general discomfort. Must admit, I'm rather scared by how quickly this seems to have come on and how much pain it is causing.


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    Hello Lesley

    I'm new too; and we're the same age!! Also, our symptoms are very similar (though I haven't had pain in my jaw). I think I was very lucky in that the original doctor I saw was doing her gp training and the consultation was videod, so she dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's! This resulted in diagnosis of u/a thyroid, but other symptoms didn't disappear (aches, pains, fatigue). The next appointment with her was observed by one of the partners in the practice, and I was then referred to a rheumatologist! After waiting a while for my appointment, I remembered (doh!), that I have private healthcare thru work, so have had blood tests and ultra sound scans which resulted in diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis, so I've had steroid injections and steroid tablets. Now got a follow up appointment at the weekend to see where we go next. In the meantime, after 3 weeks of the meds, I do feel a bit better. So, I suppose, what I'm trying to say is, hopefully you won't have to wait too long for an appointment, and I understand how scary this can all be. And frustrating when you're trying make people understand how you feel, cos you don't actually look any different!!!
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I hope we can help. The good news is that you have a referral - I think it best to wait until you have seen the rheumatologist and see what he / she has to say. In the meantime keep a diary of your symptoms, pain levels, tiredness levels, what helps and what aggravates, whether heat or ice ease the discomfort, so that they will have a better all-round picture of you when you first meet. A painful jaw is not unknown - arthritis affects joints and that is one that is used on a very frequent basis. :wink:

    I hope the appointment comes through sooner rather than later, but if your bloods showed a raised RF then it would seem that a diagnosis of an inflammatory arthritis is a distinct possibility. As for the pain, well, that comes with the territory. Pain relief is an option but it will only take off the sharper edges - we use the term 'pain dullers' on here because that is what they do. The stronger the duller the more you are taken away from the pain, not vice versa. I have two sortd of arthritis, psoriatic (PsA) which is an auto-immune type and that has led to osteo in at least five joints. Of the two I prefer the latter because at least I know where I am with that one, it's not as 'devious' as the other. :)

    I wish you well and please let us know how you get on. DD
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    HI Lesley

    welcome to the forums from me too

    It's lovely to meet you.

    I hope you will soon get to see a rheumatologist so that you can get a diagnosis of your symptoms.

    In the meantime please do join us here anywhere you like - everyone is lovely and will welcome you


    Toni xxx

    PS I have had nasty jaw pain too from time to time - thought I had toothache then ear ache and sore throat.....turned out to be jaw :roll:

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