Hardest Hit Campaign

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Thanks for the link..it is very interesting x


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    I will look at that later
    I just get so mad with these skivers and scroungers spoiling it for the ones who truly need it
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    A weeks wait to sign on will not be a problem for those with savings and redundancy payments but most people have never built up a safety net due to ill health, disability or low wages so an extra week is going to cause big problems. I expect the Government are hoping charity/food banks will fill the gap but they are already stretched. So it is indeed the poor and vulnerable who will suffer most.

    I have also noticed a trend recently where DLA is suggested as a means to cover payments. such as rent increases, council tax contributions, care when direct payments have been cut, contributions to clubs etc, which previously never existed or were covered by Social services. Now it is to be counted as income too.

    If you give them an inch they take a mile so this will not be the end of cuts to the welfare budget. They will just see what response they get first to see if they can keep their jobs as that is all they care about.


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