working with a disability benefit , help please?

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Hi all

My friend was insisting I should be eligible for claiming the working tax credit part of "working with a disability" as I have RA & OA and still work 20 ish hours per week.
When I read the online details it says (I think!!) you can only claim this if youre in receipt of other benefits already such as DLA etc.
I'm not in receipt of any of those benefits .

Does anyone know how to go about this or would it be so much bother its not worth the hassle??!!


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    I had a look mazbaz too and there are lots of benefits which might be relevant, but if I were you I'd ring their helpline

    Opening hours8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday
    8.00 am to 4.00 pm Saturday
    Closed Sundays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day0345 300 3900

    Or get an appointment with CAB for advice??


    Toni xx
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    Thanks for that frogmorton I will give them a call xx
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    Hi maz
    Sorry I don't know your health problems but You may be able to claim DLA, mobility and care component, even if you are working, this would open up other benefits, etc. although I am aware that these benefits are becoming much harder to get.
    I retired due to ill health recently and financially I am better off!
    One of the biggest problems when discussing these benefits is that some people automatically assume that they are entitled to benefits because "they have arthritis in their little finger!" .......etc etc. look at the qualifying criteria for the benefit and ask yourself honestly, do you fit the criteria. If you think you do then apply, and relate your answers to the criteria.
    Good luck
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    Hi Maz

    I get the disability portion through my tax credits, i got it because i get dla and when i renewed my claim last year i mentioned that i now have dla and they told me that i was entitled to extra money because of that

    Hope this help
    Lily x
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    There is no such thing as DLA for adults up to 60 or 65 years old now.

    I'm wondering how the disability tax credits works now there is no such thing as DLA.

    I realise people are still claiming DLA (I am) but eventally all adults (Oct 2015) who were on DLA wouldn't have it anymore.
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    You can still claim for DLA up until 14th October 2013 if you are not in one of the P.I.P trial areas after this date you will have to claim for the D.L.A replacement which is called P.I.P (personal independence payment) which is said to be a lot harder to get as they are changing the all the criteria.

    Adults currently on D.L.A are to re-assessed for the new P.I.P starting with trial areas, new claims and D.L.A claims due for renewal.

    All other claims for D.L.A such as those on indefinite awards will be re-assessed from April 2015 - 2017.

    Its a mine field