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Saw consultant today, told him still heating lots of aches, pains and Ely legs, although I think the meds have helped! He's done further blood tests to rule out coeliac s disease, test vitamin D and also ck (can't remember what he sad about that!). He still thinks its arthritis, but wants to rule out everything else! So, still on same meds and back to see him in a fortnight!! Then I treated myself to a pedicure so my feet may feel flipping awful, but at least my toes look pretty!!!


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    He's being very thorough, Sharon, and that's good.

    I hope the pedicure helps, too :wink:
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    He is being very through - I feel very well looked after! Taking every opportunity of every test offered while my private health insurance is footing the bill!! I know eventually they will say enough s enough and I will have to transfer to the NHS, tho hoping to say with same consultant! And yes, thanks, the pedi was lovely - I asked her to be very gentle, and she was!!! Does everyone good to feel pampered once in a while!!