Welfare Meeting :(

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Anyone ever had a Welfare Meeting before?

When I had my fusion surgery on my left foot, I didn't have one, even tho I was off for 3 months + holiday.

I had my right foot done at the start of May and I've got a letter stating they want a Welfare Meeting in July at my house.

My job at the moment is only shop work which since my last operation on my left foot, I've just done tills, which does involve standing for 10 hours but I manage it.

I'm worried that they'll get rid of me.

I've worked for them for 7 years, working on weekends as I did used to work elsewhere during the week.

I have taken on a dog that has never been socialised and to stop her getting stressed and going for them, I would rather have it at my work place. I'm using an electric wheelchair so getting down there won't be a problem.

I'm worried that they'll get rid of me :(

Only at the end of last year, they paid out A LOT of money for my Access to Work things as well.

Anyone know why they do it etc etc.

When I've recovered from this operation, I'll be more able then I was before. I think they are worried, I'll be less able.

:(:(:(:(:( I know its only a shop but where the world is going, I don't want to loose my job :(:(:(:(:(


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    Hi Sailrib
    I've never had a welfare meeting but had many return to work interviews some with HR dept
    I'm assuming its the same they will be checking up on how you are doing, what you have had done surgery wise and when you will be back at work, they will also be there to snoop
    My advice is that you have someone with you a co worker or a union rep or a friend just for some back up and as a witness
    If you are not happy when you have them in your home you have every right to kick them out
    Have you got any letters from your orthopaedic consultant or GPs to support your condition
    All I know is they are crafty devils and I would not trust them
    Make sure you have your crutches at the ready your foot elevated and flash your wound site to their they ask to use your bathroom make sure there's nothing they can snoop at
    Make sure your house is untidy coz if its tidy they will think if you can do that you can go back to work
    I'm sorry its all negative but I had such a rough time with work and don't want anyone to go through the same
    How's your foot? I had mine done on 6th June and the swelling is bad but know its as I'm not resting
    Hope all goes well
  • sailrib
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    Thanks for the advice. Somehow, I've not been able to get on here for ages. Kept saying not found.

    The meeting went well actually and I had it at my work place instead of my house. I used my electric wheelchair to get there.

    My foot is going ok. Allowed to walk now but I am struggling to walk due to a huge amount of pain on the outside of my subtalar joint. I've not been able to actually walk outside the house as its just so painful.

    I went a few weeks ago for a check up and everything looked fine on the X-ray but they X-ray my subtalar joint from the inside of my ankle not the outside.

    On the outside, the surgeon had to chip away at my subtalar joint for over a hour to find my joint line and I think the pain is from where they chipped at my bone.

    Will properly visit my GP tomorrow as not too sure I should leave it.

    Hope yours is going ok and you are not in too much pain.

    How long will you be off work for?
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    I'm glad it went well
    My foot was doing ok till I stubbed that foot on my little dyson ouch! Doesn't appear to be damaged but my its sore
    Not looking to driving today I'm dropping the boys off at Leeds fest so lots of clutch control with my bad foot
    I retired on ill health grounds in march this year so work is not a problem
    Onwards and upwards

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