Hi, all

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Hi, everyone.
After a recent knee surgery, my surgeon believes I actually suffer from arthritis. I found this forum as I searched for info.

I'm Becky, and I'm from the US. I hope to learn a lot from everyone here.


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    Hi Becky
    Welcome to the forum
    You will get lots of information on here they are a very knowledgeable lot
    Although something's will be done differently on here than the USA
    I would imagine there is more research done than over there than here
    Happy posting
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    Thanks, Maria.
    Lol- don't be so sure more things are being done over here. :roll: Things are becoming difficult where they shouldn't be..and most aren't happy at all.
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    Hello nsa405

    and welcome to our forums from me.

    Lots of folks on here have knee issues too :? sadly. Did the doc say what type he was thinking of?

    Please do come along in and join us. You will be made welcome.


    Toni xx
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    Nah, Toni, the surgeon didn't say what kind he thought it was. Maybe when I go back for my post-op visit he will elaborate.
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    I think I remember your saying that you had surgery to mend a meniscus tear, is that right? What sot of troubles were you having with your knee before the surgery? My guess is that he is talking about osteo arthritis but make sure you ask him. There are basically two sorts, osteo and an auto-immune based type (and there are many versions of the latter). Please let us know what he says - I'm sure we will be able to help you with information and support. DD
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