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Hello all
just to say a thank you for the last couple of months Ive gleened so much from you all Ive been given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia with a secondary arthritis, now I know this Ive decided to switch to a Fibro board for now , the Fibro is the main issue so Im going to focus on the main condition and hope that the secondary one follows :)
I am the same user name on both boards so if anyone else is on ukfibromyalgia then give me a wave :D
love to you all
Gayle x


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    Thanks for letting us know. I hope both conditions improve and you'll find the fibro board helpful. Remember you're welcome back here any time :D

    Just one thing - did you mean to post this on LWA? I don't think many will see it on here.
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    good point I'll put it there too