Hi everybody

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Hi everybody.

Seems like a great forum and hope you will not mind me having a winge now and again
although I try to be positive. I am going for xrays on my back in 2 days. I have lumbar and cervical spondylosis and in great pain at the moment. It feels like knives in my back and bone-on-bone when I move which is excruitating. Painkillers don't help very much.
Also coping with Type 2 Diabetes which I have had for 19 years.

In 10 weeks time I will be 80 and coming up to 60th Wedding anniversary next March.
I am carer to my 84 year old husband who has CMT and so has great difficulty walking.
His condition is progressive and so I am gradually having to do more and more for him.
Some days it is a struggle.

That's my winge for today. Hope to hear from you all!


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    So sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I do hope that the doctors are able to help you further.

    And, you're not wingeing at all! I can understand how much of a struggle it must be for you. Do you have any help at home, particularly with your husband being ill as well? If not, is it worth talking to your GP about it?

    Best wishes,

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    Welcome this site is great for everything we can laugh, cry, have a winger a rant and ask advice and get great advice and support from all on here
    I'm sorry you are struggling
    I've had Osteo arthritis for 10 years and Spondlyo arthropathy for 4years just retired from work due to ill health and I've just hit 50
    I have other family health issues concerning my parents and daughter and know I would not have got through all this in one piece without the help and support of everyone on this site
    There is a helpline number on here its free to call and I found they are very helpful
    As I say if you cant have a moan or a winge on here then where can you
    As Meg says can you speak to your GP to see if there is any help out there for you
    Keep posting
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    Hi Meg and Maria - thanks for your replies.

    I am pleased to say my back is not quite so painful today perhaps because I have not been doing too much bending although I know some exercise is good.

    With regard to asking GP for help - well not much doing there. Only thing offered is to send somebody to get husband up and dressed each morning and that could be any time between 7.00 and 10.00 am. At the moment he manages for himself.
    Or they will do a dinner for you i.e. put a frozen meal in the microwave.

    What would be a great help is somebody to do the vacuuming now and again, clean the bath out etc. but no! only personal care is available. So I am looking into finding a private home help in the near future.

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    I'm afraid they don't do cleaning which is a pity as this would help you more so you can help hubby more
    My dad is main carer form my mum who had a stroke exactly two years ago
    Leaving her paralysed down her left side and confined to bed or hoisted into the chair
    They have carers 4 times a day which is fantastic but he still has to fit in the house cleaning! It's spotless I don't know how he does it I'm no use to him as I struggle to do mine
    He had thought about a cleaner but like me he's a bit wary as you never know what they are going to be like
    Plus it's not cheap either there are lots of firms out there but I think it's best if you know someone who has a cleaner to recommend one
    I always thought it would be a great idea if I could set up a cleaning business to help people who are struggling health wise little did I know I'd be one of the ones struggling
    I was a nurse for 30 yrs. and thought it would when I retired keep me out and about still in a caring environment. How I wish it was possible
    I wonder if the helpline can offer advice I know we can't advertise on here but maybe they could steer you in the right direction
    I also wonder if carers resource can offer any advice
    I'm glad your pain is improving