Critical Illness cover

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I am in the early diagnosis stages for RA and am wondering if RA is a payable illness? I have had critical illness cover on my mortgage for years now and know it covers a multitude but not sure whether RA comes into the categories they pay?



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    Hi Kate
    I have critical illness cover on my mortgage and I have claimed it :-
    First time for 2 years (maximum time allowed without break ).
    Second time 1 year until I was we'll enough to return to work.
    I took Ill health retirement in march, with big lump sum and pension, and I also get critical illness cover for mortgage (need sick notes for 2years). I have just been accepted for employment support allowance without a medical and I get dla.
    However, although I'm only 44 I must stress that I am very poorly with RA I have tried all the available meds.
    Take a long good look at your policy and don't rely on the call centres giving you the correct info. The first person I spoke to said I couldn't claim!
    It can also be backdated to the date of your first sick note, although I believe that you cannot claim for the first four weeks.
    Of course, keep copies of everything and good luck.
    Any more questions just ask.
    Take care