Advice for tiredness/exhaustion...???

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Hi everyone,

I am off work again today, just have no energy. I have RA and have been having a lot of joint pain recently. But what is getting to me the most at the moment is being tired...ALL OF THE TIME :cry: I am still working full-time until September and between working and sleeping more and more...I hardly ever see my partner or have any other sort of life :cry: I'm only 23, but feel like a prisoner in someone else's body.

Does anyone have any advice, tips to decrease tiredness/fatigue???



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    Tiredness is an unfortunate part of the R.A. package. However, I think quite a few of us auto-immuners are wilting, swelling and aching in the current heatwave. A fellow sufferer has opted to ensure she keeps well-hydrated as it's so easy not to right now. I think she could be on to something and will give it a try. My heart says 'cider' but my head says 'water'. Ho hum :roll:
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    There is nothing that we can do for this I am affraid.

    I have been suffering this since I was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago.

    You just have to do what you body tells you and rest when needed.

    Sometimes I do find that drinking plenty of water and taking a vitimin b or d tablet helps.
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    I find that drinking plenty of fluids and making sure I have a good breakfast and lunch helps slightly to get through the day. I also find that high caffeine drinks do help also.
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    It is part-and-parcel of the disease and not easy to remedy. I go to bed tired, I wake up tired, I plod through the day tired and it's been this way for years now. I do have the occasional bursts of something resembling energy but I now know better than to make the most of that because it renders me useless for some time after. :)

    Have you googled The Spoon Theory? That explains this beautifully and it's why you may read from time-to-time forum members asking for extra spoons. DD
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    Hi Gem
    Omg working full time I can't even work part time at the moment just about done it from uni no wonder you are tired. I don't know what meds your on but I do know a guy who takes humira and also vitamin d (his consultant knows about this) he says the vit d helps with tiredness.
    Also I drink green smoothies(celery/cucumber)as would other juices not everyones thing but they do boost energy.
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    Take as many naps as you can. I'm also suffering but find doing chunks of sleeping if you can really helps. I sleep in the daytime now so that I am awake enough for the children when they come home from school then have an evening nap, before bed time story reading and some housework then back to bed. Its a matter of pacing yourself as much as you can.

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    Apparently lettuce etc can make you sleepy, so stay away from healthy salads, but eat plenty of fruit, and keep your fluids up.
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    I went to my GP with my knees pain, stiffness, swelling all the usual symptom of arthritis and also a feeling of exhaustion, waking several times a night sleeping during the day [I would regularly doze off while sat in my office chair at work]. I was diagnosed with OA knees but was sent for tests because my gp suspected sleep apnea. I was sceptical about this but after seeing a sleep consultant I did have quite severe sleep apnea. I now use a CPAP machine when I sleep which keeps your airways open allowing you to get a proper deep sleep every night. My life is completely changed I am not tired all the time, I dont feel like I need to sleep during the day at all. I still have pain in my knees but with medication I have a better tolerance I think to deal with daily life. This is obviously just my story but its worth thinking about maybe.
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    Hi Gemma, as everyone has said it's part and parcel of R.A, the heatwave hasn't helped because I'm not sleeping much at night so extra tired in the day. But on a normal day I'm tired so I have a 'siesta' in the afternoon, off to bed for a couple of hours! My OH is great and makes me have my 'siesta' everyday!! But in this heatwave I'm finding I nod off on the settee for mini power naps about 15mins at a time through out the day. So your not alone and it's better to listen to your body than struggle against.
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    Is this also the case for PsA?
    I'm always tired :( I work full time and also have a horse!
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    hi ali87uk
    yes this is same 4 me falling asleep thro day,not much you can
    do. It stoped me from working 12 months ago, im 60.
    it must be hard for all 20 30 40 50age.
    only i good thing 4 me is i got it in latter life.
    mine is PsA.
    gemmarh100 it must be very difficult 4 you being only 23
    i know what your fealing keep chin up. :roll: :roll:
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    I have PsA too. The fatigue is horrendous and constant. All I can say is rest when your body tells you to. Trying to fight it off with too much caffeine and pushing yourself may make it worse. It does for me.

    Eating lots of protein early in the day and drinking lots of water as As5567 says, helps me too. Skipping meals always makes it worse.

    Take care,

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