New to forum - out of work & worried about finding new job

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Hello everyone

I'm new to this forum. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 3 years ago and I'm now 35. My last job (fixed-term contract) finished in mid-May. I have had three interviews since but no job offers. In the past I've never mentioned RA on applications but during the last year the disease has accelerated and I was signed off due to allergic reactions to 3 medications.

My question is what kind of work do other people with RA do? I have done a variety of jobs over the past 14 years but mostly high-stress such as in PR and policy-making. I have so many medical appointments every week (this week was in hospital 3 days in a row). How do I find a well-paid part-time job or a flexible job where I could work from home one day a week?

I feel isolated and overfaced by this situation. I've started blogging as a 30something with arthritis to try and make sense of it all. I want to work but just started a new drug and want to get stable first. I have bone erosions already. Would really appreciate hearing what kind of jobs other people do, as I'm looking at a change of direction and less stressful, better life-work balance. Thank you for reading and any advice really welcome :)



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    Hello and welcome to this forum
    I can't really offer any advice on working as I'm at the end of my working life
    I worked in the NHS for 30years and started first with OA 10yrs ago and inflammatory arthritis 4 years ago my last 4 years at work were hell really I retired at 49 due to ill health I've just turned 50 and trying to get my head round not working again
    Maybe the helpline team may be able to offer you advice their free phone number on this website
    Hope your new meds start working soon
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    I started my own very little business in 1995, two years before my PsA began. I have now, reluctantly, had to stop work as a specialist tutor for dyslexics because the arthritises (yup, I now have both sorts) are far too overwhelming plus other life factors have come into play. Is there a possibility that you could establish a consultancy (for example) which means you could work from home and on your own terms? I wish you well. DD
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