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Good morning

A quick question........

I was in work today as i needed a form filled out by my boss and whilst there i was told that my ssp had now run out, i thought that was wrong and i was told to go on the computer and check next months wage,i did and my ssp is getting paid next month

Right my question is..does my ssp start from this sickness or from when i was off sick the last time? my boss assumes its from a previous sick period,

Im sure that as long as there are more than 8 weeks between sick periods you are entitled to it starting from the new sickness...i was also told that my work will not inform me when the ssp stops, this to me is wrong

Can anyone help me?
many thanks
Lily x


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    Hi Lily
    I'm not sure about this it seems to be a grey area
    I was off sick for almost a year so mine ran out after 6 months anyway
    Had a friend who was told similar to you as hers were both within the 6 months they said to her it was due to the fact that she's had two periods of sickness in the 6 months they also said if she had been off sick for 6 months then returned and went off sick again she would not be entitled to ssp
    But I don't know enough about it
    So I'm not much help to you sorry
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    thanks for your reply.........I have been on the dwp website and it does say from the start of this sick period as long as there was more than an 8 week break from the last sickness period.

    So confused :roll:
    Will just need to wait and see what happens, my line runs till the 30th so will have to go back and see what she says about returning to work,im hoping that my new appointment with the surgeon will be asap

    Have a good day
    Lily x

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