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I went to my GP's on Monday to talk about the result of the MRI I had a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I've taken a long time in telling you, but I've been trying to straigten thisngs out in my mind! :o

The first thing my GP said was 'I've just read the letter you had from the hospital and can't understand it! Luckily she had the proper results from the hospital, so she read those to me and explained the meanings as we went along.

I have had inflammatory arthritis in the lumber/sacrial part of my spine, which is scarred but thier is no active anflammation present at the moment as far as they can see and nothing in my bloods to suggest any nasty goint on and my sacroiliac joints are good, which is a good sign. Apparantly, I have AS, but it is not active at the moment and I could well stay that way, but the damage is the cause fo the pain, only pain relief is needed, which I'm on and I can be referred to the pain clinic if I want to. (I don't at the moment).

Their is also some oa, in my hands and they confirm that the diagnosis is fibromyiligia, which they think is causeing the most trouble this can also be dealt with at the pain clinic. I have to go back to the hospital in December to check that the AS is still inactive. The scareing is a very small patch my GP said and the MRI had been sent to a specialist and not just the normal technician who reads them.

I hope that makes a sort of sense to you. Its hard to write exactly what I was told and my GP went into it in detail. She said its a good result on the whole, and the usual learn my limits and don't do too much! Meds to stay the same - I've felt mixed emotions and I firmly believed they would't find anything, like before, but knowing that the AS is inactive is great. I don't want fibro, but who does? Apparantly the consultant I saw is a specialist in AS and fibro and only sees patients with my type of symptoms as shes studying fibro and its links to other inflammatory diseases. Love Sue.


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    Hello Sue
    I am glad they have explained everything,but its still hard to take in, from your MRI they cant tell what pain you are in, my back man said this to me, he sees so many people some with awful arthritis and not much pain and visa versa....maybe when the specialist has looked at therm things will be a little more are getting there at last...its good to know what is wrong and then it can be treated....I suppose if you get the fibro under control that will help a lot....
    You take care
    Barbara xx
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    Hello Sue
    its nice to have your results but it must be confusing trying to understand it all.
    take care
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Sue
    It's great to get your results.....but they do sound a bit confusing.
    Did you say you didn't want to go to the pain clinic or did I read that wrongly?
    If you did say that.....why??? You know me ....nosey!!!! :lol:
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    No wonder you're confused, Sue. Me too :roll: I think I'd be hanging on to the 'good result on the whole' bit and the fact that you've been dealt with by the best person for the job. I hope things improve.
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    I'm glad ure results were explained to you in detail by ure GP.

    I've always said thanks but no thanks wen offered a referral to the pain clinic too. I think they'll prescribe barbiturates & they rarely help FM pain.

    All the best for wen you see ure rheumy.x
    Healing Hugs
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    Hi, First of all thank you for the support. Sorry if my post was confusing, but thats because I found it difficult to explain! :oops: One thing my GP pointed out is that the MRI was not just an ordinary one and it was looked at by a specialist radiologist this time.

    It's good to know that the main thing I was worried about, which was AS is not active and it is quite possile to expect it to stay that way. :) As for the Fibro, its just a question of not pushing my limmits and learning to live with it, not expecting to be able to do what I used to. I'm glad that I'm going back to the hospital in December, so that they can check things over and make sure that nothings changed. One of the things that I have worried about is being left without any specialist care for long periods of time and then when I've seen someone they've shown no interest.

    My GP said that fibro is a label the specialists use to cover something they don't have an answer for, that its complex and dosn't attract the money for research in the way that other things do.

    She said that the pain clinic can offer injections into painful joints and relaxation ect. I feel I want to leave it for as long as possible so that I've got something to 'fall back' on. I may find out about the relaxation and theropies they offer when we come back from holiday and my husband is back at work. We are going to my sister's, in Hampshire next week for a week and I hope to just relax! I'm feeling a happier now!

    Love Sue
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    Sue, I did reply to your thread this the second time this evening I have had to apologise, I though I was going totally bonkers. I am glad you are managing to get away and relax for a bit at least you will have time to contemplate things. It is frustrating when you have a condition that they don't have the resources for research I am in the same boat with my neurological condition..............have a lovely holiday and again I apologise I was not ignoring you...........Marie xx
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    No need to appologise, my discripion of things is very unclear, this is because I am unsure myself of the best next step. In a way I wish they had just said one simple problem like OA or something! But at least this time the rhuemmy is taking things seriously and has found things. So at least I feel justified in having pain. After all this time I'd begun to think it was a mental condition, I was making it all up. Now I know a bit more it feels as if I can cope better. This sounds silly, but its the way I am! :oops:

    This hot weather dosn't help either.

    Love Sue xxx
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    Whenever we get M.R.I scan results we have to ask the G.P to give them in laymans terms as it all becomes confusing! At least you understand what it means now so you can take it all in Sue.