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Newbie and first post , have RA and taking methotrexate and Humira by jag seems to helping control swelling so far.
However my good lady has been reading info from the above American based foundation which is very interesting and just wondered if anyone else has seen this or is anyone following the advice given re use of antibiotics to trea RA. Sorry long winded
Take care keep smiling and chin up


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    Hi there and welcome to the forum.

    I'm glad the meth and humira are working for you. I think we all look out for anything that might help in the battle with this dysfunctional family of diseases called arthritis :roll: but it is important to be careful where you look. The internet is the Wild West of medical treatments and not all sites can be trusted. For arthritis I stick with Arthritis Care, the NHS website and Arthritis Research UK.

    The latter has an interesting article on the use of antibios They even mention The Road Back Foundation but clearly believe not only that antibios are not the answer ( except in the case of Septic Arthritis) but that they might even add to the problem used long-term.

    I think those of us for whom the meds work are the lucky ones. I hope yours continue to work well for you :D
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    Hi & welcome :)

    I don't have RA I have PsA (Psoriatic Arthritis). They're both inflammatory types tho.

    My dermatologist mentioned only last week that some new research is suggesting that the antibiotic Doxycycline can help the skin side of my condition but that's all I've heard regarding antibiotic use, sorry.

    I'm glad ure meds are working for you. I agree with SW that great care must be taken regarding information that's available on the net!xx