Andrea Bocelli

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Just watching Andrea Bocelli on Sky Arts2 in Hd
What a lovely voice I've got surround sound on he sounds amazing
I have tickets to see him in sept I can't wait



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    He does have a beautiful voice, he's my favourite classical singer, the fact he is blind and knows what key to sing in is amazing! I love 'time to say goodbye' with Sarah Brightman. Your lucky to be going to see him live!
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    Love his voice as well Maria xx
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    Hello Maria
    you enjoy it.perhaps you could get a signed cd.
    take care
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    The best tenor ever, his Ave Maria is the most beautiful version I've ever heard.
  • barbara12
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    Your very lucky Maria...I would love to hear him live.....and Ron you are right he send shivers down my spine when he sings Ave Maria...very fitting Maria I would pretend he was singing to me... :D
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    Hello all,

    I've not been on for a long while, this post caught my eye.

    I was lucky enough to see Andre Bocelli at Hyde Park, my daughters bought me tickets for his concert for my 50th Birthday...I'll never forget that night, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

    We purchased tickets earlier this year in Liverpool I was going to take my eldest daughter, I paid well over the odds, but, it was a one off again, unfortunately, I wasn't well enough to go myself so my wife and daughter went, I was terribly disappointed, I pleased they enjoyed it though.

    Hope you enjoy it, I'm sure you will.

    John xx
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    I like him but I still prefer Placido Domingo. As for being blind - why should that make it difficult to tell which key to sing in? All these guys have perfect pitch.
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    I can't wait he has such a lovely voice plus he's Italian I have a thing for Italians
    He went blind when he was about 6 I think at a time when he was learning to play piano I saw a documentary about him he just seems such a lovely guy
    John I'm so sorry you missed seeing him I've missed a few concerts due to this damned Arthur