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Does anyone else suffer from this?

I started too back in June and was wondering if anyone had any advise?


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    Hi Debra

    yes I've had this and found that heat pads really do help on the affect area

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    Oh yes I know it well
    I've had it off and on for about 4 years
    First time I got my god I've never had pain like it nothing worked even tramadol!
    Had to call NHS direct all I wanted was a bit of morphine to take the pain away but no had fast response paramedic followed but 2person ambulance crew with me saying its not my heart I'm fine so 7 ECGs bloods done chest X-ray and a 7 hour visit in A&E telling me its arthritic changes and not my heart I said I know I've been saying that all along and didn't get any morphine! At least they were thorough
    I've not had it that bad since thank goodness
    I just take my tramadol and go lie down till it eases it feels like all my flesh is been ripped off and burns like hell! Is it the same for you
    When I told my Rheumy about my escapade he said yes its all part of your inflammatory arthritis I said thanks for telling me! He just laughed! Grrr!
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    My first since when I was on holiday in June, I thought I was having a heart attack.

    But its been off and on since then. I do think that the deep heat works as well as co codomal.

    But its awful when you get it and it just hits you?
    Its like really bad heart burn but not?
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    I had this complaint about 4 years ago, l had so many tests and different opinions, inflamation of the rib cage,COSTOCHUNDRITIS, thought my time was up, it has got better now only a sharp prod in my side now and again just to remind me, as if l havent enough pain eh :(
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    hi debrakelly
    interesting ,bout 12 months ago and 2 months ago i started to get pain in my chest area mainly when i would take deep breaths in.
    went to my doctors and couldnt pin down what it was, now im thinking
    i probaly had this (costochondritis)inflamatry chest pain.
    was thinking probably linked to arthritis, anyway taking few more ibuprofen
    inflamatry tablets and for now it has cleared up.
    hope dont get it again its not very nice. :mrgreen:
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    Yes I have had it, omg I thought I was going to die, was in asda shopping with my 2 daughters and a grandchild and down I went, I actually passed out with the pain.

    Still have it quite a bit but I have to admit it has never been as bad as the first time, you have my sympathy

    take care
    Lily x

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