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has anyone ever had or heard of TB IN THE BONES ,my nephew has it, they said it's not catching like in the lungs, he was diagnosed with rhumatiod arthritis at first and further test showed this nasty thing was there, he was put on antibiotics for a year, and is to be checked frequently.


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    I haven't heard of it but they've found it and are treating it which is a good thing. He may well find that the anti-bios help the RA too, I always feel better in myself when I'm 'properly' ill, i.e. I have to stop the meth etc and take anti-bios instead. I wish him well. DD

    PS There may be a possibility that this was the trouble all along and it may not be rheumatoid but reactive arthritis - it will be interesting to see how he gets on.
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    I've only heard of it because of the TV show 'Holby'. A patient, last week, had TB in his spine. I had no idea before that that it could be in the bones. I had only heard of the lung type that we used to get tested for in school. I'm so sorry I couldn't help :?

    Get well wishes for your nephew, I hope he makes a full recovery.x

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