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I was diagnosed with OA in both hips a year ago and since then the right hip has deteriorated very fast. I'm 37 yrs old and until last year I was very active with running, cycling, martial arts, golf, climbing etc. I still remain as active as I can, however its limited now and I pay the price for it. I've gone through physio and I am on a mixture of painkillers and Arthricote at the moment. I eventually saw the orthopedic consultant last week who informed me that I had lost 75% of the joint space and suggested that if I wanted to become more active again that he recommended hip resurfacing for me. From my x-rays he felt I was an ideal candidate for it. He then went through the risks associated with it and said it was my choice.

I'm a person who loves to be active and do sports and feel that life is too short to be restricting myself at 37 yrs. I also have a 2 year old who I want to be active for. However I don't want to say yes to the surgery and just end up swapping one set of problems for another or end up having long term health problems as a result of it.

Can anyone provide some insight to this and maybe let me know their experiences (good or bad).

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    David, a tough decision I know, but your consultant is the 'expert' in this situation and would not have suggested the op if he hadn't been confident of the outcome. Yes, there is always risk to surgery, but in your case I should imagine it is so very small. I would certainly 'go for it' :).
    Whatever you decide (and take your time), I wish you the best of luck.
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    Hello David
    MrO is right your surgeon is doing the best for you, I know how you must feel I am 2 week post op a full hip replacement...the things they tell you are so scary but they have to make sure you understand the risk.
    I would ask lots of questions and want to know how it would effect having an hip replacement in the future...ie would it make the op harder to do..and also how long is a resurfacing expected to last,,I am told my THR will last around 20 years
    I do wish you well with everything..and please let us know what you decide.

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