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Five months ago my brother-in-law lost his wife to a very rare cancer ... prior to that he had been told he needed to lose a significant amount of weight before his specialist would operate to give him the knee replacements (OA) he so desperately requires. Two months ago his youngest sister (my wife) and I encouraged him to start thinking of doing things now, rather than waiting to visit his wife's brother overseas ... he, thankfully took on our advice. We also suggested he tried walking a bit more and watching his food intake, when he could (around the block for example) ... well he has now lost over one and a half stone and can comfortably walk two miles in less than 40 minutes (which in my book is quiet good)! At 5'3" he is still clinically obese, but he's on the right road. He finds the walking fairly easy, his knees still hurt but only when he's sitting!

I'm sure next year he will have his new knees with the fitness to adapt to them ... he's an inspiration to me!


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    Congratulations to your BIL. It is especially commendable having lost his wife such a short time ago. Now that he is benefiting from having discarded some weight I am sure he will continue. His wife would have been most proud of him. He is blessed to have you and your wife to look after him. It was good to put the suggestion to him and even better that he took you up on it. Well done to you but especially to your BIL. Please tell him from me to keep up the good work - he will be rewarded with new knees.

    All good wishes to you

    Elna x
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    Thanks for sharing that, scozzie, and please pass on my congratulations to your brother-in-law. He has turned a very big negative into a positive and, yes, I'm sure Elna's right that his late wife would have been proud of him. He has very much earned his success.
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    That is very positive Scozzie well done to BIL thank you for sharing that with us..........Marie x
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