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I have 'lost' one of my Humira pens????..........have pulled the fridge apart but no pen to be found?
My daughter is a nightmare about things being in date and is constantly throwing things out but she assures me that 'of course she knows what my medication looks like, and no she hasn't thrown it out'
I can only assume that I have given myself an injection a week after instead of a fortnight :o
Oh my days!!!
Jacqui x
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    Jacqui, I don't want to sound alarmist but I do think you should ring either NHW Direct or the Poisons Dept. Of your local hospital for advice. These are powerful meds. We don't know what potential consequences might be but you can't simply judge by how you feel. I have regular blood tests for my meth because it's the only way of telling whether or not it's doing damage. Better safe than sorry.
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    I have a calendar in the kitchen where what needs to be taken , when and in what area is noted - and then ticked when done. I give an example:

    Meth. T LHS. (left thigh)

    Meth RHS and Humira LHS. (m = right thigh and h left tummy)

    Meth. RHS. (right thigh)

    Meth LHS and Humira RHS. (I'm sure you get the drift. :wink: )

    I store the humira in its boxes on the middle shelf of the fridge, my metoject lives in the airing cupboard (which isn't as such 'cos we have a combi boiler). Both sharps bins live there too. Humira can be taken weekly so don't fret too much - I guess it isn't prescribed like that due to cost. It may be time for you to establish some sort of recording system of what is done where and when, yes? DD
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    Like dd I have to put it on the calender otherwise I'd never remember when I had mine! I do use the humira stickers they provide and put them on as soon as I get my inj out or I'd totally forget.
    As dd says they do use it weekly if needed, mostly in the colitis cases, so don't think u need to panic. U could always get a blood test to check ur all OK if ur worried.x
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    I think if you take extra as a one off youll be ok but you should phone the Rheumy nurse just to check it out. Best be safe than sorry as someone said these are powerful drugs that alter your blood, you could also phone the people you get your delivery from they will tell you if its ok
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    I used to take Humira weekly, but I'd just call your help line to let them know and see if you require any medical tests to be on the safe side. Better to be safe than sorry!
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    Thanks to everyone for your replies, it's kind of you to take the time.
    I am embarrassed to say that I do have it marked on my calendar and stick the humira labels supplied when I do inject, but there was a while there in the middle of the month when I was further ahead?!?!?!?!? Homecare rang to arrange the delivery and I remember saying that all was ok, that I had one pen left..............It's a mystery.
    I will take your advice tho' DD and mark down where I inject.
    I feel better knowing that some inject weekly. I did try to ring the clinic but due to staff shortages the helpline was not manned!! Due my monthly blood test shortly so will wait 'til then.
    Thank you all again
    Jacqui x
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