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:) hello all .hope weather not affecting you all too much . i little fed up at moment .had really painful ankle ,put up with it for 3 week then went to a&E to be told we cant do anything you havn,t had a accident .i explained i have osteoporosis amongs other arthritic conditions.and said i have broken bones in bed my daughter said please can you just x ray mums foot its so swollen and painful .he said no go to your GP .i came away a little upset but went to my Gp next day she is great by the way and said i will get a consultant to see you soon as i can .. a few days later i got a phone call to attend LGI in leeds .he checked both my feet and rang some test .i have been told now both ankle joints are in quite bad condition .and are arthritic .i am usually a positve person but its getting me down now .as its everywere .in my body hands,feet .neck.back.shoulders .elbows even my dam face .i do use a wheelchair .electric one but try to potter round my house but wth feet being so bad at min its hard ..mentely hard isnt it .i do apologize for going on and sounding pathetic .x


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    Hi cheekygirl,

    I am so sorry you are feeling low. Who could blame you with what you have to put up with.

    I know you are not being 'pathetic' just in pain and want to 'speak' to people who understand.

    I am sending love and hugs your way and really hope things improve for you soon.

    Louisa x
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    oh thank you so much louisa i appreciate your kind words .us ladys think we not allowed to moan dont we .stiff uper lip and all that .gentle hugs for you too x
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    Hi Cheekygirl,

    Ure certainly suffering so I'm not surprised you need to get ure frustration & upset out!! It's really tiresome & quite lonely, unless we're on here, suffering with chronic pain. It helps to 'talk' & share ure fears & anger I think :)

    I hope the new rheumy has a plan of action to help ure ankles? Or suggestions of wot you can do to try & keep them as mobile & useful as possible??

    I hope you feel some improvement soon.x
    Healing Hugs
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    Hello cheekygirl
    I do hope your rheumy can offer some's some hugs for you ((((())))xx wish I could help more
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    Hi Cheekygirl,

    You are having to cope with so much and so no wonder you're feeling low. I hope you get the help you deserve and feel a little better soon :).

    Catie x
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    Hi Cheeky, Your far from pathetic, when you find out more parts of the body are giving up the ghost on you it does bring you down, I found out just yesterday that my toes are starting to show signs of O.A so another part of my failing body to tick off!! Not much left that is all right!
    So we are all in the failing body club!!
    If I go to A&E with pain in a certain limb, they stick me in a cubical make me wait for several hours Dr comes in (Obviously looked at my notes on computer) asks what's wrong, checks me over gives me an injection of pethidine and sends me home to rest! So I waited for usually between 4-6hrs my OH getting irrate for an injection!
    I used to be a bubbly girl, life and soul of the party! Now I'm more withdrawn and quiet. But now & then the bubbly bubba pops out! So do't think you will never be bubbly again. It takes time.
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    :) oh bless you all for yur comment i realy appreciate them you all keep me going .i feel little more positive today ..and sun shining too .just need good nite sleep then i have cracked it .Its so nice to be able to chat and get a responce too thank one all once again .take care all and gentle hugs