Palindromic Rheumatism?

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Good afternoon everyone.
New to the group so not sure if I`m on the right page to ask questions, lol. Anyway I had large hot red swelling on my shoulder a couple of years ago, went to the hospital ( as it was a weekend and surgery was shut)and was told it was gout, they gave me some tablets and told me to see my GP, he thought they were wrong and said was just arthritis, I have had the same a cple of times now but the last time it then went from my shoulder to my wrist and then to my hip, this time it went from right shoulder to left shoulder and then to left wrist, my GP has done blood tests and they all came back normal. I was talking to my daughter in law who said it sounds the same as her step mum had so she sent me a link for Palindromic Rheumatism, and yes it sounds exactly the same. I`m going on a bit here sorry, :D:| BUT it has left me with really bad achy arms, is there any one on here that finds the ache after an attack please. Any advice or information would me appreciated.


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    I have OA and spondylo arthropathy a form of inflammatory arthritis
    My bloods are always normal even in a flair up so its not always an indication of an inflammation There are many types of inflammatory arthritis out there with quite alot of symptoms similar
    I would advise you to go to see your GP or Rheumatologist I'd you have one
    They don't just go by what your bloods indicate but from the information you give them
    Sorry I'm not much help
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    Hello Harbour, it's nice to meet you and I hope we can help with support. I have heard of PR, there are around 200 forms of auto-immune arthritis and this is indeed one of them. GPs are not experts in auto-immune arthritis - blood tests which don't show positive for rheumatoid arthritis does not rule out another form of this but your GP may not be aware of this little detail. I think you should ask your GP for a referral to a rheumatologist, they are the ones who are in-the-know and it may be worth ringing the Helpline here to ask for further information, AC produces a range of information leaflets which will be a good springboard for your learning more about what's going on with you.

    If you would like some further responses please post again on the Living with Arthritis board of the forum, more people hang out on there on this one but as a whole the forum is pretty quiet at the moment due, I think, to the good weather and school holidays. I wish you well. DD
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