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I am not sure if anybody as any idea but for a while now when I am sitting in a chair or the wheelchair I get really bad pain in the bones in the bottom I don't think it can be arthritis just wondered if it could be as now trying to walk and sit is so pain full there seems no let up to pain looking to ideas as to what could be


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    Not sure what kind of arthritis you have but I have an inflammatory type with spondylitis (back involvement) and enthesitis (tendon & ligament insertion points). I have seatbone pain intermittently and it could variously be from arthritis in hip, sacroiliac joints, or enthesitis.

    There are muscle/tendon attachments to the seatbones that become inflamed in a variety of scenarios with arthritic conditions. What kind of arthritis do you have?

    When I have this problem, heat helps most for me but I think the most effective treatment is alternating hot and cold/ice compresses, 10min each. You have to play around to see what works for you. A consult with a physio is always a good idea. It's very painful isn't it? Hope you find some relief soon.

    Best wishes, Anna

    PS I'm no professional and just a regular forum member, not a helpline person.
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    Thanks for reply I have RA 32 years so used to most pain effects but this sitting pain is so different and constant pain killers no it much good I seeing Clinic next week see what they say unfortunately my consultant doesn't like to say you got more than one form of arthritis /fybromyalgia so not very helpful I may have to try and help myself thanks again
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    That sounds like the sacro-iliac joints to me, mine hurt all the time whether standing, sitting or lying. :( I hope the clinic may be able to suggest summat to help but to be honest I'm not sure what can be done. DD
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    Dear Gezzas

    Thank you for your postings. I am sorry to hear that you have been in this pain. It is important that you speak to the clinic or possibly your own GP about this so that they can check out what is going on and you receive a correct diagnosis and to make sure you receive the appropriate treatment.

    Please feel free to call us here on the helpline (10am – 4pm, weekdays) on 0808 800 4050 if you would like to talk things through with one of our helpline team.

    Best Wishes
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    I've had this for the last few weeks too; I have hip osteoarthritis and no cartilage left at all.
    Sitting is very painful and I guess it is just another symptom of the arthritis. I try to take cushions every where I go and not sit in any position for more than 15minutes.
    I am hoping it will be relieved when I have my THR.

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