Why do they need an audience ?

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We brought a step ladder only four rungs ,the bathroom and kitchen need a coat of paint,we used to stand on one of the dinning room chairs ,they are a bit rickety now ( much like the both of us ) so we got the step ladder it's got hand holds on the sides which were not attached ,now the fun begins he held it ,I took the wrapping off ,I unpacked the nuts and bolts and got the instructions,I put the nuts and bolts in and got the screwdriver out plus the spanner he tightened them up ,he then stood back with a self satisfied grin there that wasn't too bad was it he says,now where shall I put it,needless to say it won't fit. :o :roll: Mig


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    Leave it in the room and put plants on the rungs for a lovely, decorative plant stand :lol::lol:
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    I love it mig,

    I squished ours into the airing cupboard


    Toni xxx

    PS My husband needs admiration too for his rare DIY expoits :roll:
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    It's to do with their 'taters. :wink: Some blokes need praise for not doing that much so I reckon it's worth playing along; the insincerity one can muster in saying 'Oh well done, darling!' makes it all worth while. They bask in glory, blisfully unaware of the sarcasm simply because they don't hear it. What we achieve during the course of an ordinary day, however, will go totally un-noticed and unremarked, as is their wont. Yup, the bin-clearing, washing-and-ironing done, washing-up and bed changing fairy simply rocks up every now and again. :wink: DD
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    Typical male i'm afraid Mig think we've all got them :wink::wink:
    Well DD what can I say we except we are the woman who can do all and knows all and in some cases all a once we are so clever are we not???? :? :lol:
    Stay positive always👍xx