Deaf and Blind bus drivers ?????

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I think perhaps in London we have these driving our buses :lol: as today I duly rang the bell to get off the bus at the stop at the top of my road but not only did the bus driver not see the red signal on his dashboard but it also appears the he did not hear the bell and went sailing past my stop when (being me ) I call out and say I did ring the bell he says no you didn't to which my reply was I did that's why your destination indicator tell me bus stopping he say oh well cant stop here you will just have to wait till we get to the next stop :roll: :roll: to say the very least I was really mad :x :x
Stay positive always👍xx


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    Oh Carol

    that sounded really annoying :x

    Mind, to look on the positive side......extra exercise to burn off calories walking the rest of the way home??? :roll:

    Hope you are ok anyway

    Toni xxx
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    He should have stopped and let you off. Its not your fault he isn't doing his job probably. Can you complain to the bus company? Hopefully they won't make excuses too,

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