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Just a quick update after my last post and your kind and thoughtful replies.
Yesterday my daughter attended the children's day ward as a result of her current 'flare' and had steroid injections into both knees after removing the excess fluid, she has had this done several times before so we knew what to expect. Her knees already look so much better with the fluid removed and the steroid should make a big difference in a day or two. She is already back up to a 17.5mg Methotrexate weekly injection (after reducing to 10mg in the hope of stopping it altogether). The consultant told us she will have to remain on this higher dose for the next couple of years and then if she appears 'arthritis free' they will try and reduce her medication again. She will be 17 years old by then so we have been told to think about her transition to adult care which wasn't something I was hoping we would have to think about but hey ho! After living with arthritis for the past 14 years I think we have come to expect the unexpected.
We are off on holiday at the weekend so hopefully by then my daughter will be back to her usual active self and will be able to really enjoy herself.
I hope all you families out there with children with arthritis are enjoying the school holidays and having fun. Make the most of the good days :)
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    I hope you all have a lovely holiday and I'm pleased the knees seem so much better for draining and steroids. I remember it well :roll:

    I do remember another parent, about 12-18 months ago being a bit startled when their 'child' was transferred to adult care. I guess it does make sense as, with a more-or-less 'full-grown' body now, her tolerance of meds etc will be greater. Treating small children, with any disease or illness, is a bit of a speciality in itself. I wish you all well.
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