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I have RA & my doctors have tried me on all of the standard medications and nothing has worked so they are now looking to try Centrolizumab Pegol, on the information that I've been given it talks about the increase risk of cancer and I can't decided weather to take it or not I know that there is the potential to make me considerably better but the risks with this drug are a lot higher than anything that I've taken before :/

Does anyone else take this? Should I take it?

In real need of some advice please!


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    An increased risk of cancer is common to all these meds, this is one of the reasons why when taking them we are so carefully monitored so any early warning signs will be picked up. I've had three anti TNFs so far and never once thought about not taking them because, as someone on here so wisely said, what counts is the quality of life now, not the unknown risk of later. Cancer is also a disease which, in many cases, can be cured; arthritis is not.

    It's not an easy decision for you and we cannot tell you whether you should take it or not. This needs to be talked over with your rheumatologist - they don't suggest these meds without good reason. I wish you well. DD
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    I havn't taken it but I would if offered.It is about quality of life. I try not to worry about the future. I have had a lot of uv light that puts me at risk of cancer but I needed it so what can you do.Everyones at risk of some form of cancer not just us taking meds.
    Take care
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    Ive been on humira adalimumab since 23rd December 2013, no cancer, infections are just constant for me even before the treatment, any drug they believe may benefit you, I suggest you take. good luck.
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    It’s true that biologics dampen the immune response against normally regressing cancers, thereby fostering malignant growth. However, it’s very important to have trusted medical support, especially for the treatment of long term disease like arthritis. If your rheumy thinks it will do more good than harm, then you should go for it. There is no way to know earlier, that you’re at increased risk or not, before you start your medicine. As DD said, you should be at peace of mind that you will be monitored closely for any early sign of cancer or any other complication for that matter. But if you are unsure at any point, you have a right to discuss your worry with your doctor.

    Hope you get the best treatment as per your need.