chronic pain syndrome

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hi i an new to this but is chronic pain syndrome a form of arthritis ?

my symptoms are :
swelling of my feet and ankles
burning and swelling of my knees
Stiffness and grinding joints
pain in joints
a pain inside my bones ( this sounds a bit weird but the only way i can explain sorry )
the pain is so bad i cry
this very in intensity but i have them everyday
worse after exercise and in damp or cold and hot weather

my GP thinks i have chronic pain syndrome but i thins its something else

:? :x


  • Stigger
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    Apart from the feet swelling, the rest sounds very familiar and I have end stage Osteoarthritis of the hip. Referred pain (pain that is felt elsewhere from the site of damage) is felt in knee, shin and ankle and yes, the pain is deep inside the bone. Grinding and clicking is common, burning sensation is too (in the knee and hip)
    Why not see if you can get an X ray to identify the problem?
    Good luck.
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    Hi Jena;

    Sorry to hear you are suffering these symptoms. Is your GP talking about myofascial pain syndrome or fibromyalgia? Or, that you have chronic pain, cause unknown?

    Your symptoms sound to me like you need to be assessed by a rheumatologist, hun. You could ask your GP for a referral. GP's sometimes want to 'watch and wait' with the person taking NSAIDS to start, but maybe this has been going on for awhile with you?

    I'm not a helpline person, just a forum member with an autoimmune arthritis. Perhaps someone with more knowledge will be along soon.

    Take care, Anna
  • Jena
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    thank you anna and stigga for your help my GP is not helping at all sees me once every tree month's give me meds and sends me on my way !! :? :x
    i need a better GP to find out what is wrong as my current GP is not !
    i bleve it is what you have said but my friend thinks it is osteoarthritis ?
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    I agree with the others and feel you need Rheumatology referral all your symptoms sound exactly like mine I have Osteo Arthritis and an Inflammatory type Arthritis too( there are at least 200 types of arthritis out there)
    I believe chronic pain syndrome is part of this arthritis lark
    So I think its a trip back to GP to see if you can be referred to a Rheumatologist
    Best wishes
  • Boomer13
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    Hi Jena;

    If your GP is not willing to do any joint imaging you may not be able to rule out OA. Keep in mind though that many have an autoimmune arthritis as well as OA.

    Generally, the autoimmune types have a flare-pattern with increased pain, fatigue, swelling (& other symptoms depending on the type) and OA is more constant. Many of us keep a diary to chart our symptoms and pain levels. This can provide useful information for the docs. You can have overwhelming fatigue from several different conditions.

    Any way you can see a different GP for a second opinion and possible referral to a rheumatologist?

    Best of luck,
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    Dear Jena

    Thank you for your posting and a warm welcome to the forum. I am sorry that you have been in so much pain and do not feel that you are being helped. You have said that you believe that your symptoms point to something else other than the condition you have been diagnosed with. We are not medically trained here on the helpline so could not provide a diagnosis which would have to be done by a medical professional. You could return to your GP or is it possible for you to see another doctor at your GP practice for a second opinion and speak to them about your concerns and discuss your symptoms and your diagnosis?

    Arthritis is a term used to describe conditions affecting the joints and the booklet ‘What is Arthritis?’ that you can download on the link may be helpful to you in explaining what conditions come under this term. Also our booklet ‘Coping with pain’ has information on managing pain, you can access this on the link
    I would also like to encourage you to call us here on the freephone confidential helpline (10am-4pm weekdays) so that you can talk things through with one of our helpline workers. I hope that this is helpful to you.

    Best Wishes

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