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just had a telephone consultation from my GP, informing i have diabetes my gp has been monitoring this for TWO years but this is the first time i'd heard this!! the diabetes doesn't really bother me( my mum's been diagnosed for over 25 years so have grown up with ) i have psoaritic arthritis currently on humira, methotexrate and dicofnic. i am concerned that ny relativity stable PA and any changes in medication will upset the apple cart. i just need to know that the pain levels won't career out of control.


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    Dear Senkrah,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear about your diabetes diagnosis. Normally if you've been given this kind of information you can request to see the diabetes nurse.

    You may be able to explore with them what kinds of self management will help keep things stable.

    Because of your arthritis you may need to mention the development with your rheumatology people too - they may advise some dos and dont's.

    I don't know whether the GP has discussed dietary changes - but healthy eating may offer some help. You may also want to post on living with arthritis and see what informal support people may offer.

    I hope that is helpful