Well I've done it again!

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I keep forgetting my password word to get on here, I know I've asked before but cant remember what I was told, How do I change my temporary password?

Thanks :roll:


  • dreamdaisy
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    You might be able to do it via the user control button at the top of the screen, the area where it says board, messages etc. Once you have done so then write it down somewhere so it's always to hand. DD
  • numptynora
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    Thank you DD, it worked and I've written it down x
  • frogmorton
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    Poor Numps - I have a little book now with my passwords in it. I hide it for safety then forget where :oops:


    Toni xx
  • constable
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    Well, if you are anything like me. I write things down and then forget where I wrote it. lol.

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