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Is anyone else feeling the chill today? I shall have to put the heating on later if it doesn't warm up a bit, at the moment the cat is keeping me warm on my lap!


  • dreamdaisy
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    I'm sitting with sweat pouring down me and the fan going. Swap places? Please? I won't need the cat. DD
  • jillyb1
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    Grey and drizzly here but very warm and humid at the same time ; feels like a storm is on the way .
  • numptynora
    numptynora Member Posts: 782
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    Oh my goodness, yes I'll swap places DD and Jilly, no you can keep the grey and drizzle thanks. I just need some heat, another jumper I guess!
  • barbara12
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    Sorry Numps
    We are complaining how humid it is.. we are in the North west....
  • applerose
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    Very overcast but very warm here today in the north-east. I think the weather forecast is for warm weather for the next couple of days. Hope you managed to warm up.
  • frogmorton
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    Still on the warm-side for me Numps


    have some heat on me :wink:
  • maria09
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    Hi Numps
    My daughter has been feeling cold and shivery for days think it might be her colitis flaring
    Bless her
    As the others I'm hot think its an age thing for me
  • bubbadog
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    The Bank holiday weekend I was sweating buckets thanks to my wonderful menopause and hot flushes!! I looked a right idiot Sitting in a restaurant fanning myself! :oops:
  • tkachev
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    I did put my jacket on yesterday morning but by the time I'd walked downstairs I was back to my usual steaming, flushed self.


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