Azythromicin and arthritis

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So basically here is my story . I am 20 years old . In the end of March i have injured my wrist and i needed an operation to recover . The surgery went well but then i started to feel a lot of pain in my right knee . Firstly i thought it was from overtraining but a few days later the pain became stronger and thats when i first visit a rheumatologist ( i didnt even knew that there is this kind of doctor ) anyway i was in hospital three times and i have two diagnoses - reactive arthritis and seronegative rheumatoid arthritis and i dont know which one is right. My pain is in my legs only - knees and ankles. I am treated with metotrexate and medrol . A few days ago two people who have the same condition told me about this antibiotic Azythromicin and they said that it will destroy the inflammation. Hve you heard about this ? Have you tried it ? I really need some advice ,i am in a lot of pain and i dont think that i am treated with the proper meds .


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    First of all, you have been disgnosed and treated exceptionally quickly, raybeez, and that's a very good thing for your future progress.

    Even rheumatologists can find it difficult to work out which form of arthritis some of us have as things don't always show up on tests. The good news is that the treatment for both Reactive Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis is the same and you have been started on it very quickly. The medrol will be to help you out until the methotrexate starts working. The latter can take weeks to kick in.

    I know there is some evidence that antibiotics can help in the treatment of some forms of arthritic but it's by no means as certain as the treatment you're currently getting. Have a look at this article. Then, if you've further doubts, I suggest you discuss them with your rheumatologist but please don't discontinue your current treatment until you have done so.

    If you need more pain relief in the interim, just ask your GP.
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