Pocket Duties needed please!

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Hi everyone! Need you in my pocket for this Monday coming 2nd September please. Appointment with my Rhumatologist in the afternoon at Worcester Royal Hospital. Going to see what he thinks of blood results and if he is going to put me on Meth or not. Will let you know what happens!


  • DebbieT
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    Ohh, the very best of luck!!

    I'll be available for pocket duties.xxx
  • dibdab
    dibdab Member Posts: 1,498
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    I'll be there in your pocket, really hope it's a positive outcome.

    Deb x
  • dachshund
    dachshund Member Posts: 8,260
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    Hello Bubbadog
    I will be there for you I wish you all the best. I will be thinking about you on Monday.
    take care
    joan xx
  • Susiesoo
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    I'll be in your pocket too. Do hope the appointment goes well.

    Susie :)
  • Megrose489
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    I'll be there too. Good luck.

  • Boomer13
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    I'll be there, too.
  • elsa56
    elsa56 Member Posts: 98
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    I will be there too, but please don't drop us all when you jump up and down when you hopefully get good news. We will hold on tight
    Good Luck
  • mig
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    Will be with you. Mig
  • kentishlady
    kentishlady Member Posts: 807
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    I'll be there too, if there's room for all of us. Hope all goes well for you. Beryl. (((())))
  • hileena111
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    I'll be there in your pocket

  • villier
    villier Member Posts: 4,426
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    Hope you have big pockets Bubba count me in, hope all goes well.........Marie xx
  • Turbogran
    Turbogran Member Posts: 2,013
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    Count me in too Bubba i'll be very quite hope all goes well sending ((((bubba))))
  • frogmella
    frogmella Member Posts: 1,115
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    I'll be there too, Bubba. Hope you get the news you want. :)
  • constable
    constable Member Posts: 2,115
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    I shall be in your pocket too. Theres already lots of us going to be in there but I shall persist, even if you seeing me hanging from your pocket.
  • phoenixoxo
    phoenixoxo Member Posts: 625
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    Hi Bubbadog,

    I shall be present – not necessarily correct, but certainly bearing biscuits :)

    Hope it goes well!
  • Toots
    Toots Member Posts: 483
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    I'm sure there's room enough if your pocket for an extra wee one, so I'll be there! Fingers crossed it all goes well x
  • destiny0321
    destiny0321 Member Posts: 88
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    just read your post so did not get in your pocket for today,
    but it does not stop me hoping that you got on ok my prayers are with you
  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 27,475
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    How did you get on today Amanda??

    I have been thinking of you and nearlybionic today

    Love and ((()))

    toni xxx

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