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Two very nice nurses came this morning to assist me with my first cimzia dose. All was running smoothly until I actually injected myself. :roll: The medicine is quite thick and gloopy, so it takes time. I got in a sudden panic and started wretching before fainting clean away. Oh the embarrassment, especially having told them I am confident with needles due to 2 yrs of injecting MTX! I did the second injection lying down which appeared to be better. By this point, I was in a panic because I was very late for work. I rushed out of the house (as fast as a person on 2 crutches can go) and as I shut the front door behind me, realised I'd left my keys on the kitchen table. Fortunately, my lovely neighbours had just got home and gave me the spare key so i could rescue my car keys. As I attempted to leave the house a second time, I heard a horrible whimper and saw my precious little doggy holding up his back leg. He's got a knee condition and its been bothering him lately but this time, it seemed worse and he was crying a lot. Feeling despondent, I had a good old cry too. I finally managed to pull myself together, called the vet, gave him a dose of medicine alongside a cuddle and then, despite being ridiculously late, went to work but oh, what a palaver!

I've been feeling emotional all day and for some reason, suddenly really panicky about the cimzia. :(


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    Hi Starburst;

    I had a similar result from a boring old blood-draw once :oops: I too was very familiar with needles and it totally caught me off guard. I was "out" for an embarrassingly long time. I asked to lie down while I had it done the next two times and it's never happened again. Just one of those things that happens sometimes, I guess.

    Sounds like you had quite a day! :shock:

    Hope your doggy and you are feeling better now,
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    Thank you, Anna. Little doggy is a bit better today but I am feeling very poorly - sick and dizzy and tearful. :(
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    Hi Starburst,

    Sorry that you had such a bad time with that first Cimzia dose, and that you're still feeling a bit poorly. I find starting new meds exhausting, going through all the details. Even if the nurses are kind, and the injection goes well, it can be a lot to take in, especially if you've other things going on in your life, such as trying to get on with work and caring for your doggy. Can you set aside some 'recovery time' soon? I find it helps to relax, maybe watch some telly, not expecting too much of myself, even just for one Sunday afternoon :)

    Best wishes,
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    Hugs, Starburst, I hope you're being kind to yourself this evening and feeling a little better x
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    Hello Starburst, I am on Cimzia as well and have to inject my self every 2 weeks, I know there is a lot of resistance in the tube when injecting. have you got a family member close by who could do it for you? I know how you feel, I always hesitate a bit just as I'm about to stick the needle in but then I just go for it, my son's GF is a phlebotomy nurse so if she's around at the time she does it for me. My only problem is my hands 'twitch' and invariably when the needle goes in and I'm pushing the fluid in, the hand twitches, and that really hurts and often get a bruise, it will get easier though for you, if you think that it's only 2mins out of 24hrs, and the feeling wont last,that does it for me.

    I do hope you and doggy get through this, let us know how you both get on.
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    I've been away, Sophie, so I missed this thread. I do hope things are looking up a bit now. Thinking of you. ((()))

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