What questions are asked at an ESA tribunal

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I've got my tribunal for a week on Saturday and although I'm not worried about it but wondered
A) What to expect
B) What questions are asked
C) What were your own experiences
D) What advice have you for me
Can you tell I was up till 2am sorting my appeal info out? Think I'm still in information sort out mode
Thank goodness my husband was typing it all up as my stupid hands ans wrists complain if I'm on the computer even after 15mins
Did mention it had been dictated to my husband coz if they thought I'd done it they would say I was definitely fit for work
I did find a lovely quote from my Occ. Health Doctor stating he did not feel I was up to do any type of job due to my condition
I get so annoyed with all this Atos and DWP rubbish especially when there are so many benefit cheats out there spoiling it for the rest of us with our debilitating conditions! My that was polite for me
Hope everyone is having a good day
Maria :)


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    Hi Maria,

    They can ask you anything, I only got asked a few questions as they already had there minds made up before I went in and that was down to letters from my Doctor and consultant, they say it normally takes about 30 minutes I was lucky if I was in 10. You say you have a letter from your occ doc make sure they get a copy of that, have you got representation to go with you?

    I have just remembered a tip I was told was not to say things have got worse they are still the same as when you appealed, they are only interested what has gone on before the appeal. The DWP made a mockery out of my consultant(he said I was not fit to work at any level) more or less saying they are there to diagnose not to pass judgement on who is fit or not fit to work, the report I got from the tribunal reading between the lines was who does the DWP think they are not taking heed of doctor's letters.

    I wish you well Maria if there are any questions you would like to ask pm me, my tribunal was just two weeks ago so hopefully will be able to remember things, try not to worry about it the panel are independent and have nothing to lose or gain, I had a doctor and a judge on my panel who were very nice. They know by your history and your condition whether you are fit to work or not..................Marie xx

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