The possibility of a teachers' strike.

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The news tonight has just reported that teachers are threatening to take strike action which may result in children being unable to attend school for one or two days this coming term. They have just had a talking head (literally) saying that he doesn't wish to harm or damage his pupils' education but there is no other option available. Words fail me.

This is the same profession that has just had a long summer break and who face the daunting prospect of at least seven weeks at the chalkface before their next respite from the little darlings. Add two weeks at Christmas, two weeks at Easter and a further two half terms - that adds up to only 13 paid weeks off, how do they cope? Obviously it's not enough. :roll: DD
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    DD, I agree with you. Nowadays it's a good job to be in. I do know that my youngest ones school is getting more and more pernickety. We had a call from my daughter that the new trousers we bought for school are not appropriate and that we did get a letter before end of term. I think I would remember that, and we did not. They seem to want to get less and less hours and expect parents to pay out for more and more.

    Sorry about that, I've only just finished taking buttons of a skirt for her to wear tomorrow. And then need to get new trousers, skirts for Monday.
    Karen xx
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    what's new :roll:


    Mind you my eldest is off to University to train to teach - and I don't blame her. 12/13 weeks annual leave? Lovey inset days avec no kiddiwinkles. BLISS :D

    (and before they say it EVERYONE works in the evenings these days. My husband is averaging 60 hours a week ATM)


    Bad Toni :oops:

    Karen well done for sorting your girl out for tomorrow - better that than her be upset.


    Toni xx
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    Hello DD
    I hope you are as well as you can be. why do teachers have a training day.
    if we all had a house work day think what would happen.
    take care
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    I'll just give my children books to read on the days that they go on strike. I'm sure they'd learn more that way,

    Elizabeth :wink:
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    one of my neighbours is a teacher, and what a miserable face she has got, her young kids are absolute little s....s. she doesn't speak or crack a smile at me, not that it bothers me, it just means I don't have to be nice :roll:
    Numps x
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