Having a bad day

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After spending 3 hrs in my local hospital for my appointment , i have found out i need to come in for my 5th Operation on the same leg i had the first 4th done .
i been told they need to slice open my right leg as i am in constast pain 24hrs and on sunday my right leg gave way from under me twice since my accident i had 3 years ago .
I have also been told the Osteoarthritis has spread into both of my legs my right ankle and into my hips,
And to make it worst the company who cause this injuries have refused to pay up even after saying in a letter that its there fault. if you wish to know the name please asked and i will pm you .

Any one who can cheer me up i would love to heard from you .


  • maria09
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    I can't cheer you up
    Just want to give you my support
    I hope they can get you sorted
  • Boomer13
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    Just wanted to send compassion and sympathy. Five operations? Really, that is dreadful. I hope it is successful this time.

    With this going on, I'm sorry the cheering up request is beyond my capabilities at the moment.

    Best wishes, though.
  • frogmorton
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    Poor you Mills

    That sounds awful :(

    I do hope that this op is the final one and it helps you a lot.

    You must feel quite down about it and helpless too.

    Love and ((()))

    toni xxx
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    A fifth op? That's not on is it - is that why they're called practicing surgeons!!?
    Seriously, I do hope all goes well for you this time.