Got 1st appointment with rheum doc on Monday

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Hi Ive got 1st app with rheumatoligoist on Mon ive been waiting about 3yrs for this thanks to mix up at docs I thought I was refered for app and I wasnt!!!!! What will happen dont know what to expect? :?


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    Hello smokeysmum and welcome to the forum. I'm afraid it's so long since my first I can't remember what happens :roll: but there are many relative newbies on here who I'm sure will be glad to share their experiences if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum. More people will see it there.
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    Hello and welcome smokeysmum
    Its a long time since I had my rheumy appointment..but I do remember all the make a list of anything that you think will be of help to pain, stiffness , hair loss, rashes, then he examined me...and had blood test and xrays done...I was fully dressed but not sure if they all do it this way..good luck and please let us know how you get it in LWA you will get more replys... :D x
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    Good luck with your appointment
    You will be asked numerous questions about your health, general condition how you are feeling and what you can and can't do
    You may be sent for blood tests too
    So take a book, something to eat and drink as it might be a long day
    Best wishes
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    Hello, how did it go? Like Sticky it's been a long time since my first rheumatology appointment but I remember the chap I saw telling me I that didn't have an inflammatory arthritis - oh how wrong he was. The next one I saw said that yes, I did and he was right. Bother! :lol: I hope you got on OK, my best guess is that you will have been booked for bloods and maybe an Xray? I wish you well. DD

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