Now that is what I call a good punch-up.

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I returned from Sainsbriz, unpacked, loaded the washing machine, prepared some fodder then gratefully subsided on the sofa for a breather. As a reflex action I switched on the telly which landed on C4 showing the film 'McLintock!' with J Wayne Esq. The most glorious fight sequence arrived, with at least thrity participants, situated at the edge of some sort of clay pool, hence much sliding down the clay hill into the clay-filled waters. Cracking stuff, Gromit! I loved every moment. DD

PS The fodder was pretty good too - my tongue is still burning.

PPS What is one of your favourite film moments? For me Sleepless in Seattle is riddled with 'em, as is Truly Madly Deeply.


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    arr dreamdaisy
    remember it well good film big john,think marene o hara was in it as well
    remember her sliding down clay hill into water :wink: when she stood up
    well what a fine looking woman :oops: :D another great film
    mike26 :oops:
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    Mines other John Wayne the classic "Quiet Man" cracking punch- up and again starring Maureen O'Hara. Mig
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    You are a woman after Mr SW's own heart, DD. I don't 'do' films much but several bits of The Life of Brian still make me chuckle, most notably the crucifixion scene. Mr SW and I both liked Dr Zhivago too, him for Julie Christie and me for Omar Shariff.
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    Mine is an unlikely "B" grade-movie called Bubba Ho-Tep, with an exquisitely funny scene (one of many) where an aged Elvis Presley is hobbling with a walker down a nursing home hallway chased by an animated Egyptian mummy.....
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    :shock: Crikey! Now that I must explore. DD
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    dreamdaisy wrote:
    :shock: Crikey! Now that I must explore. DD

    Me too...... :?