Is there any help out there?

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I have recently had to give up work because of arthritis and am now on ESA. After paying for the bedroom tax (I have a spare room) I am left with £86 a month for heating, food and travel. Does anyone know of any help please?


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    I'm sorry I can't help
    I've had my ESA stopped as by all accounts I'm fit to work
    If you see my previous posts on work and ESA
    I understand the theory behind the bedroom tax but don't understand how they are applying it
    If as they say there is a shortage of council houses and some are crowded
    So have they made an provision to move people into a smaller property there fore freeing up larger homes for families at the end of the day I'm sure you were on a waiting list for your house/flat and they were the ones to offer you your accommodation so it's their fault not yours and many others like you with spare room and its theirs so they need to sort out the accommodation and not fine you for having an empty bedroom
    I know nothing of benefits all I know is I'm entitled to sweet f a! All I do know is the DWP are incompetent in my eyes! Why else would they send out 4 letters on the same day with no explanation as to why!
    Have you thought about contacting citizen advice as they are up on all this sort of things and will help with form filling
    Also might be of help to ring the helpline team on here its a free phone number
    Hope you get some answers soon
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    I think the first port of call for you is the CAB, also look on-line at benefits and eligibility criteria. Is it just you that is being supported on this paltry sum or do you have dependents? DD
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    C.A.B. are very good though understandably busy. You might like to try this website first and/or ring our own Helpline people who will be able to point you in the right direction. I hope you find some help. Remember, too, that, if you want understanding and information about arthritis itself, Living With Arthritis forum is a good place to be.

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