Flag day

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When Scotland declares its independence, what will our non union jack look like, a red cross with red diagonal cross and white background?

Will we still be members of the EU? GB joined not England, Wales, Scotland and NI.

Will Scottish MEPs have any legal standing?

What will happen to Scottish members of the Lords?


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    Gosh Airwave :?

    I think I deleted my post there :oops:

    I hadn't thought of any of that really just that if the Scots want to be 'separate' they have the right to be.

    Thinking about it though I expect those in the know have already thought about the union jack....a new flag eh?
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    I was thinking about this the other day...all very complicated..I like what one of there MPs said..we have everything at the min ....why spoil it...
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    Surely every country has the right to pick or change its own flag,what about those countries that have it incorporated into their own flags ? Mig
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    I believe they will have to reapply to join the Eu.

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    don't know if you noticed but on armed forces flag day in England we use the cross of saint George