Aaah nice tidy home

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Although I love my daughter dearly I love getting back to a tidy house
She's just gone back to uni and I've just finished putting my house back to a tidy order
No books strewn about no toiletries strewn about no shoes, jackets, jumpers bags and handbags strewn about
Oh so tidy bliss
The thing is she's so tidy in her own room at the house she shares and the tidiest of the 5 of them so god knows what their parents houses are like
My son bless him is fairly tidy only have his guitar and very large amplifier down in our little chill out room and he tidies his own room and whizzes the Hoover round his room without having to be asked
I'm now exhausted after all that tidying up so its cuppa and feet up before the central heating man comes
Hope alls well
Maria :)


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    I am sitting look at all my mess (yes, it's mine, he is revoltingly tidy) and I shall keep looking it for a while yet. I am so pleased that the boiler man is coming, I hope he will be able to sort it out for you. DD
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    Untidy does not begin to describe mine. Please refresh my memory, what is a tidy house like?
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    It's the one where you can't find anything 'cos it's all been put away....
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    Tidy? I do have a vague recollection. Is it where:

    books are not two rows deep and higgledy piggledy on the bookshelves?
    the fruit bowl is not balanced precariously on three large tomes that were too heavy to find a home for?
    you don't have to regularly empty the keyboard of toast crumbs?
    you don't have to ring the phone to find out where it is?
    the shirt that needs a stitch has not been doubling up as a chair back cover for two weeks?
    CDs actually have homes?

    I could go further. I could go beyond the room where I'm sitting but better not. (I'd only trip over something left on the floor :oops: )
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    I keep going into the dining room, catching a view of clothing on a chair and thinking husband is sitting there but it's only a giant pile of clothes on the chair-back. :lol::lol: but :oops: :o

    My mother would be horrified.

    It will be a voyage of discovery if we ever get through it all.....

    I'm still delighted that my fridge died before I had cleaned it. A real triumph! Think of all the spoons I saved!! :D
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    Tidy is something other people do not me I do comfortable. Mig
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    Maria I gave up on being sons left years ago...but I now have 3 Grandchildren and they don't do tidy...must say they do there room when they get too bad.. :lol:
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    Oh dear :(

    Imagine a house with all the towels still on the long dark hairs in the bath/sink....the lid on the washing basket.....cupboard doors empty milk bottles in the fridge....

    A terrifying prospect. My eldest daughter is off to University for the first time :(

    sniff, sniff


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Toni,
    Your daughter will be fine and love uni
    My daughter is just starting her second year
    Luckily she's at the local uni but lives with 4 others great for their independence
    I don't get emotional about her living away from home but don't think I don't worry about her coz I do, I left home at 19 to start my nurse training so think that's why I don't think its too much of a wrench I may feel different when my son goes next year
    What is your daughter studying? Mines doing Psychology