hot flushes and tiredness

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hello, i am aged 65 been told i have oa, i also suffer from servere hot flushes and night sweats and periods of servere tiredness, can anyone tell me if there is a conection? turky.


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    Hi Turky

    Thank you for your forum posting. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with flushes, night sweats and tiredness, these can be really difficult to contend with.

    We are not medically qualified on the Helplines so it may be best to have a chat to your GP about the symptoms you are describing.

    I am not sure if there is a connection with osteoarthritis. As a lay person the symptoms you describe could be associated with the menopause, though I would think that they could be linked to other conditions.

    You may find the publication ‘living with osteoarthritis’ informative:

    If you would like to have a chat to us on the Helplines 0808 800 4050 (Monday – Friday 10am- 4pm) we would be able to talk to you informally and in confidence about what is going on for you.

    Best wishes
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    Hello turky, I am a forum member who is also undergoing the sweats (day and night) and perpetual tiredness, the latter may be caused by my arthritis but my rheumatologist ordered some blood tests to measure various things including my thyroid function. I am on a triple therapy for my PsA (I also have OA) and wonder if this could also be caused by some of the meds I take. I am 54 and six years post-menopause. It's not fun is it? DD
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    Hi Turky. I have RA and also suffer from sweats and tiredness. The nurse practitioner has told me the sweats are probably menopausal but my rheumatologist has said it's likely to be the inflammation as it's there most of the time. Sometimes it's a bit worse but always at least in the background. Some people have suggested that people who are in pain all the time are bound to feel very tired as the body is trying to deal with it. I'm sure a chat with your medical team will give you some answers to choose from.

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